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We are a great bunch of marketing people that you can turn to for guidance, advice and support. We can help you get organised, set priorities and stay focussed.
We’ll help you align your marketing efforts with your business goals and generate greater marketing results and revenue.

Marketing strategy

Drive performance with a solid strategy that is aligned with your business objectives.

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Marketing Planning

Gain focus, direction and improved results with a marketing plan that delivers results.

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Marketing tactics

Implement the right marketing tactics, the ones that don't waste your time and budget.

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Control & evaluation

Monitor, measure and adjust tactics in order to get the most from your marketing spend.

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Google alerts_tips

Be aware of your competitive environment using Google Alerts

Strategic marketing requires an understanding of what your competitors are doing and the nature of your competitive environment. Without this knowledge, you can’t possibly plan your offensive or defensive strategies. Use Google alerts to keep informed about competitor activity and industry news. If you aren’t already using alerts, get started today. It’s free. It’s simple to set up and you’ll soon start to feel more

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Sport Relief 2014

Six degrees of separation leading to… Sport Relief

Are you wearing red today? Or perhaps you’ve organised something fun in the office in support of Sport Relief. If you’ve not organised anything yet, you’ve still got time this weekend to support the cause and have some fun. Yesterday, I spoke with the Marketing Manager, Lyndsay, at Crystal Legal. She inspired me with her enthusiasm.  So my kids aren’t the only ones wearing red

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GE McKinsey Matrix

Use the GE-McKinsey Matrix to determine investment priorities

It’s time to determine where to put your cash.  But how do you know which products to further develop, which market segments to focus on or which product groups that need retiring or perhaps selling? It’s not easy for a company with multiple business units or products to determine how best to allocate resources and budget – profitably. Turn to the GE-McKinsey Matrix, a practical solution

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