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We are a great bunch of marketing people that you can turn to for guidance, advice and support. We can help you get organised, set priorities and stay focussed.
We’ll help you align your marketing efforts with your business goals and generate greater marketing results and revenue.

Marketing strategy

Drive performance with a solid strategy that is aligned with your business objectives.

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Marketing Planning

Gain focus, direction and improved results with a marketing plan that delivers results.

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Marketing tactics

Implement the right marketing tactics, the ones that don't waste your time and budget.

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Control & evaluation

Monitor, measure and adjust tactics in order to get the most from your marketing spend.

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4 Tips for planning content for your blog editorial calendar

Without a plan, your blog editorial calendar will lack entries. Your content will lack likes and shares.  And your content marketing will fail. We’ve all been there. The heartbreaking moment when you review who’s liked your post. The heart sinking feeling as you look at your reach, shares and likes. Oh no. What will you tell your boss? Content marketing sounds obvious and simple,  but

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Strategic Insights 2015 Reader Survey

I want to make sure that our blog, Strategic Insights, provides you with the support and direction you need to become a smarter marketer. That’s why we’ve created our 2015 Smart Marketer Reader Survey. Can I please ask you to take a few minutes to complete the survey? Tell me about your marketing challenges and your marketing goals for the year. Why? Because with your

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4 tips for your Customer Retention Strategy

Ask any marketer what percentage of their marketing budget is for loyalty marketing – and the answer may surprise you. Many people see marketing as a means of acquiring new customers, not retaining existing ones. Ask yourself – are you focusing too heavily on finding new customers and overlooking the importance of keeping your existing customers happy? What percentage of your 2015 marketing budget is

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A Strategic Marketing Management Agency you can rely on

Hello, I’m Kim Moore. Whether it’s a fresh perspective or marketing expertise that you need, we are a Strategic Marketing Management Agency that can make marketing drive your business growth. We’ll make your marketing goals our own.

We will inject drive, passion and strategic direction into your marketing. We’ll help make those tough decisions, set priorities and keep your organised. With 20 years of experience, we understand what it takes to make your marketing successful.

You’ll find useful articles on our blog. Subscribe to Strategic Insights and follow me on twitter – for forward thinking marketing.

Kim Moore
Marketing Strategist

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