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Content Production Planning Workshop

If you’re planning a new website or content marketing project, a content production planning workshop will be the best half-day you’ll spend this year.

The bigest bottleneck in most website development projects is the content. Content takes time, and the time required is rarely estimated properly.

With a clear content production process, you’ll be able to map out how much time is needed, who’s responsible for what and set clear deadlines that you can meet. A clear content production plan will ensure that all key stakeholders are involved and have the opportunity to be consulted, reducing unnecessary pressures caused by any project with big content needs.

Even if you’re outsourcing copywriting, your copywriters will still require input from subject matter experts. It’s difficult to juggle contributions to content development with the demands of existing responsibilities. Planning minimises these difficulties.

Experienced workshop facilitator and content strategist

The workshop is led by Kim Moore, Marketing Strategist with years of experience in content strategy. Kim will provide insight into the type of content that you’ll need to develop in order to convey your value propositions, getting the most impact for your new website. She’ll make sure the content on your site has a purpose and helps achieve the goals that you’ve set for your website.

A content production plan can help ease bottlenecks and unncessary pressures, and will ensure you meet your project deadlines, on budget.

In the workshop we’ll help you gain a clear understanding of:

  • The content production process
  • Stakeholder responsibilities and roles
  • Identification of pain points and bottlenecks
  • Confirmation of project timescales

A structured and rigid workflow will enable everyone involved to see upfront what is expected from them, helping to aid the successful delivery of your content projects on time and on budget.

After the Content Production Planning workshop, you’ll be ready to begin work confirming the content required and your website information architecture. Kim can help with this too. Then you’ll start writing your copy. If you need help with all of your copy or just some of it, we can help. Take a closer look at the KG Moore copywriting services.


Get in touch with us today to arrange a content planning production workshop for your content marketing efforts or your website project.