Communicate effectively and improve results with a clear content plan, based on a keyword strategy.

Improve content marketing efforts with a strong content plan

We believe that good content, which people want to read and share, should be educational, entertaining and enticing, but most importantly, it should be produced in line with your business objectives.

Many organisations appreciate that content is important but in most cases the content they produce is not aligned with their overall business objectives. A large amount of social media activity lacks purpose and sends out a confusing message to prospects. The result is a waste of time and resources. Gain focus and results by creating content based on a solid content plan.

How KG Moore creates a content plan

To create a content plan, KG Moore will:

  • Gain an understanding of your business objectives
  • Carry out a Marketing Audit, looking at your copywriting and social media capabilities
  • Take into account your marketing budget
  • Consider your sales cycle and buyer personas in order to create suitable content for all major points during your prospect’s buying process

You will receive a documented plan that includes suggested content across all areas of your sales cycle, ensuring lead nurturing can be achieved. The plan will include:

  • Suggested content ideas including headings and content descriptions
  • Suggested publish dates
  • Keyword focus and keyword theme
  • Suggested calls to action
  • Stage in the buying process

KG Moore can create a detailed and dynamic content plan that is mapped out for an agreed period of time. This plan can be easily updated in order to respond to any changes in your content requirements.

Need content for a website development project?

Producing content takes time and quite often the amount of time is underestimated, leading to lengthy delays in website projects. We can help ensure you deliver your content on time with our content production planning service. We can facilitate a content production planning workshop that maps out a clear process for you, putting you in control of content production. We can also project manage your entire project making sure deadlines are hit and quality content is produced.

Need help producing content?

At KG Moore, we’ve put together content plans, as well as the content required to deliver against the plan. We’ve written eBooks, blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn posts. We’ve even produced video content. A great time of planning and preparation goes into any content strategy and we understand the challenges involved in implementing a plan successfully. If you’d like to talk through your ideas or requirements, we can help you to better understand:

  • What type of content you should be creating
  • Why you need a keyword strategy
  • What calls to action you should include
  • When you need a dedicated landing page
  • How you can measure the results you achieve from our content marketing
  • How to use social media to spread (share) your content

However, this is a specialty of ours, so don’t expect us to give away all our secrets here. If you require any assistance with your content plan, contact KG Moore on 01206 848 458, email us at or fill in the form below.


Get in touch and we can help you create a strong content plan to improve your marketing efforts.