Defining competitive advantage


The road to successful marketing begins with strategy. Once in place, a marketing strategy can define your core competencies and become the basis for creating sustainable competitive advantage.

Yet, taking a step back from the busy day-to-day demands of business in order to get a marketing strategy in place is a challenge. It requires following a process, managing conflicting interests, difficult decision making and, most of all, it takes time.

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  • Market share held by companies with strategic marketing 75%
  • Lack of vision preventing business growth 53%
  • Businesses who have sought strategic advice in last 2 years 32%


It’s essential to follow a systematic approach when creating a marketing strategy. Research is always the first step. And this can be completed in a number of ways to fit any size of budget.

We help companies complete required research, using strategy tools that help step through the process and deliver tangible information that can be acted on.  You need to identify customer needs and competitive forces as well as developing an offer that results in your target market choosing your products and services, not those of your competitors.


A fresh perspective can help identify new opportunities through an examination of internal and external factors. It can also help identify how you can get better results from what you are already doing. Leverage our marketing knowledge and experience to spot what you may be missing.

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Far too often, customers are excluded from the decision making process. How often do you consider your customers when making business decisions? We can help you place your customers at the centre of your marketing, improving customer experience to achieve greater growth and profitability.

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Gain a better view of how the market conditions will impact the launch of your new product or service into your target market. Having a great product or service is not enough to guarantee success. You also need to be aware of the potential risks you face and how you can possibly minimise them.

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Your business success is impacted by the quality of your value propositions. We have the knowledge, the skills and the experience to help you develop a value proposition that will turn prospects into customers.

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There are many ways to price a product or service. The approach you take should be dependent on the product lifecycle, the situation you are in and your business objectives. Price is a versatile element of the marketing mix, one that often gets a fraction of the attention needed to set the best price. Ask us how we can help.

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Choosing the right market entry strategy, how you enter a new market, and the commitments you make needs careful consideration and planning. When entering new markets, the decisions you make may impact many aspects of your business for years to come.  We can help you create your market entry strategy, just ask.

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Generating great and engaging content, telling your story effectively, is required to take your brand from good to great.  Effective content marketing needs a strategy to ensure time is not wasted on the wrong words and messages. We can help you devise a content marketing strategy.

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A clear online marketing strategy will give you focus, drive more of the right traffic to your website and help you achieve your business objectives – whatever they may be – brand awareness, lead generation or sales.  We can help you get started building a digital strategy.


The road to successful marketing begins with a strategy. We can help you find the time to put one in place.