Ideas from insight


Inspiration comes from insight. And the best marketing ideas come from customer insight. We can show you how to gather the information you need to make better decisions and improve your marketing.

Far too often, customers are excluded from the decision making process. How often do you consider your customers when making business decisions?

Close the loop. We can help you place your customers at the centre of your marketing. By gathering and using customer insight, we can help you grow your business and delight your customers. Talk to us and we can show you how to:

  • Get to know your customers
  • Discover how your customers want to interact with you
  • Understand why customers buy from you and invest this knowledge into your customer acquisition activities
  • Develop effective customer retention strategies
  • Measure customer satisfaction and identify where you need to take corrective measures
  • Understand your Net Promoter Score, how to calculate it and why it’s important
  • Engage your customers with your brand

Contact KG Moore to find out how we can help you become closer to your customers. Build relationships and turn customers into advocates for your company.


Insight can be gathered in three ways. The method chosen will depend on budget.


We can conduct telephone interviews to gather customer insight and to develop buyer personas. We use technology for efficient dialling and capture of data into an online telephone survey tool.


Online surveys are a cost effective way to gather data. They are extremely useful for closing the loop, capturing feedback from customers at various touch points during their customer journey. Ask and they will answer. We can help you set these up to run and collect, feeding data into your marketing processes.


Bringing a group of customers together can be an amazing way to discover information about why they buy from you or why they don’t. We can set up and run focus groups with a selected target audience, capturing the insight you need.
The survey gave us valuable insight into what our customers think of MyRuby. It reinforced our views about the quality of our service, but also identified some areas where our communication with clients could improve. For example, some clients wanted services that they didn’t know we offered. We can share our Net Promoter Score with prospects, which lends credibility to our claims that we deliver exceptional service. Andrew Perillo

Director, MyRuby


We can help you get valuable information from your customers that can helps you when making important business decisions. It can grow customer value and turn customers into advocates, generating new leads.