Plan and achieve greater success


For every successful market entry, four fail. Increase your chances of success with the right market entry strategy.

Many organisations successfully operate in a niche market for years. But with the challenges of the global economy and increased competition, companies are forced to enter new markets in order to increase brand awareness and business stability.

When entering new markets, the decisions you make need careful consideration and planning. There’s no ideal market entry strategy. In fact, there are advantages and disadvantages for every market entry method. Different methods can be adopted by different organisations entering the same market.

The right approach will be based on their current situation, capabilities, product, product lifecycle, resources, costs and the risks they are prepared to take. The challenge for any organisation is getting an objective view when determining what approach to take.

Step outside by letting us look in. A robust outside view can provide you with a better assessment of your value propositions, capabilities, market size, competitors, market share and revenue, and costs. This could significantly raises the odds of making good market entry strategy decisions.

  • 1 in every 4 market entries succeed 25%


We can help you create a market entry strategy which takes a number of factors into consideration. If you’re exploring new markets, contact KG Moore to get support with developing your market entry strategy.

  • How you will distribute your products or services to your target market
  • The timing of your entry into the new market and where (globally)
  • Risks associated with entering your chosen new markets

Kim is a brilliant strategist and has left no stone unturned in getting the research, strategy and tactical plans developed for the veterinary market. Her project management skills are at an extremely high level, and her attention to detail is impressive.

James Hammond

Sales & Marketing Director, Gratnells


If you’re planning to enter new markets, take time to develop a market entry strategy. Be prepared.