Insight into market forces

Market Opportunity Analysis

Gain a good understanding of the forces that can impact your performance. Discover if market conditions support launching your new product or service into your chosen market.

Having a great product or service idea is not enough to guarantee success. You also need to be aware of the potential risks you face and how you can minimise them. You know this. But the challenge is finding the time to do the research. Right?

That’s where we can help. These are some of the factors that we can help you look at by undertaking marketing research and market opportunity analysis:

  • First, defining the problem that your product or service solves
  • Conducting research with your target audience to validate the problem
  • Positioning of your brand in relation to competitors in the new market by conducting a competitive analysis
  • Perceptual mapping to ascertain how you need to reposition your brand to generate more business
  • Managing competitor advantage and knowing which product or service attributes to capitalise on
  • Determining the most effective marketing channels through which to communicate your message to your target audience
Before taking high risks when approaching new markets or launching new products, talk to us. Our experience, methods and market opportunity analysis capabilities will support you in finding the right people, the right markets and in setting the best prices to go to market with your products both in the UK and internationally.


We can help you gain a good understanding of current and future forces that could impact your performance. Get in touch to talk to us about a market opportunity analysis report.