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10 Steps for GDPR Compliance for Marketing

Everything begins with a plan and GDPR Compliance is no exception. GDPR represents a wonderful opportunity to engage with your contacts. Leverage this. Do the right thing, be transparent and look to gain trust.

The task seems daunting to many. Use our Smart Marketing Action Plan, outlining 10 important steps you need to take towards GDPR compliance for your marketing. Use the plan as a guide, to step through actions with your marketing team, with confidence.

Depending on the email marketing tool, CRM, marketing automation and lead generation forms that you are using, there may be certain specifics that you need to dive deeper into. However, it’s all about consent. If you are delivering marketing that your contacts have consented to, and you are transparent about what you are doing, you are doing well.

Here are 10 steps that you can take towards transparency and gaining trust. It will do wonders for your open and clickthrough rates.

1. Identify who is responsible for your marketing data.

You will be handling it all the time, so make sure responsibilities are known. Know who your data controller is. Identify all of your data processors. Have clear processes in pace and contracts with external data processors.

2. Identify all data processing activities.

Now’s the time to be clear on what data you collect, how you use it and who you share it with. Remember, data is collected by both people and technologies.

3. Gain informed consent.

GDPR sets a very high standard for consent. It is critical to review how you seek, record and manage consent and whether you need to make any changes. Consent must be informed.

4. Understand your Opt-ins.

There’s no hiding from it, you need to understand opt-in types and which ones your marketing team is using.  It’s your responsibility to make sure that you can legally hold the contact details and market to them.

5. Ensure visible opt-out.

Make sure that you provide people with the opportunity to opt-out when you receive their contact information; and that you give them the opportunity to opt-out when you send them subsequent messages.

6. Organise your lists and segments.

Segments enable you to deliver targeted information that is of value to the person you are sending it to. This is what marketing is meant to do.

7. Conduct a Marketing Information Audit.

Conducting a marketing information audit is essential for GDPR compliance. To use existing data, you will need a fully documented permission trail, including the data and source of the consent.

8. Conduct a Legitimate Interest Assessment.

Legitimate Interest offers a flexible risk-based approach to marketing when clear consent has not been gained.

9. Gain Buy-In from Customers.

If your pre-existing consents were not compliant with GDPR and you do not have an audit trail demonstrating when and where and for what channels the contacts in your database gave consent to marketing, then it is best practice to seek permission.

10. Keep up to date with evolving data protection regulations.

GDPR is just the next step in improving transparency and giving individuals more control over their personal data. Keep up to date with evolving legislation. ePrivacy will be next! And keep your data up to date too. Keep up to date by following  Elizabeth Denham’s GDPR blog series.  Elizabeth Denham was appointed Information Commissioner in July 2016. Her key goal is to increase the UK public’s trust and confidence in what happens to their personal data.

Download Smart Marketing Action Plan: Get Ready for GDPR to gain greater details behind each of these steps. KG Moore Marketer’s Action Plans are designed to provide clear guidance on what to do, with confidence.

KG Moore also offers a GDPR preparation for Marketers workshops, in Colchester, where delegates join in active discussions and collaborate as a working group, learning under Kim’s leadership. During the sessions, Kim provides 1-1 guidance and coaching, stepping you through the action plans and getting some off the work done. It’s an easier way to tick a few items off your to-do list!

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