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10 things to remember to get marketing done

I had an AHA! moment today.  I failed to complete all of my priorities last week. So I took some time to reflect and figure out why. There is a common pattern that is revealed when I reflect on incomplete tasks. It always comes back to not allowing enough time to get things done properly. It’s not that I am a perfectionist (well I used to be) it’s that I tend to take on too much. With a bit more headspace over the last few weeks, I’ve taken the time to come up with a list of 10 things to remember, to help me create more meaningful marketing for KG Moore.

My list of 10 things to remember to help you you get your  marketing tasks done:

1. Do one thing at a time.

Do it deliberately. Focus will increase productivity and bring better results. With the added stress around us during the coronavirus crisis, having less to deal with at once makes us more productive.

2. Do it with purpose.

Acting with purpose will help you reach your marketing goals. It will also lead to more meaningful marketing.

3. Do it completely.

Finish what you start, but do it well. This will lead to the most positive customer experience.

4. Put space between tasks.

Allow time for review, analysis and refinement. Watch to see what happens and use data to spot something that you can improve. Customer experience can always be improved upon.

5. Devote time to planning.

Planning just won’t happen is you don’t dedicate time for it. By planning, you’ll ensure you are focussing on the right things.

6. Support your team.

Support your team with clear briefs, objectives and regular feedback. Help your team understand your vision, your goals, your plan. A good brief will go a long way and take some pressure off of you.

7. Schedule time to refine.

As above, but make sure you schedule time on an ongoing basis to review marketing performance data, see what is happening and adjust your activity.

8. Consider what is necessary.

Often we end up overcomplicating things or carrying out work that adds little of no value. Use your performance data and customer insight to help you make decisions about what is necessary – what will add value.

9. Work according to clear objectives and a plan.

Any marketing that begins with a marketing plan providing priorities and objectives is more productive and effective than marketing that is reactive.

10. Be accountable.

Figure out how you will stay accountable and make sure things get done. Like my marketing coaching services, design to keep you and your marketing on track.  (launching later this month)

It’s easy to get caught up in a routine of doing the same things over and over again. And to miss deadlines over and over again. And right now during the pandemic, it’s also easy to get lost in trying to do too much too quickly. Consider things 10 things to remember. I’d love to hear how they help you become more effective with your marketing efforts during the COVID-19 crisis.

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