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Have a plan with 3 Marketing Priorities

It’s hard to have a marketing plan and be productive when you don’t know what tomorrow will look like. 

Everything around us is uncertain. And when things are uncertain, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and become paralysed. It’s easy to forget what we can control – which is how we spend our time. 

Every Monday morning, to stay productive, I map out what my week will look like and I set my top 3 marketing priorities. 

After 2 years, 

7 business quarters, 

27 months, 

108 weeks, 

756 days… 

I’ve had some practice with this approach. What I do know with certainty is this:

  • These days, my week’s don’t look anything like what they used to look like.
  • Having a marketing plan will produce better results. 
  • But planning is tough. Sticking to it is even tougher.
  • And right now, your plans need to allow you to change quickly. 

So this is what I suggest: 

  1. Map out a 90-day marketing plan for Q2. Keep it manageable, uncomplicated.
  2. Break it down, backwards into months.
  3. Then backwards into weeks – setting 3 marketing priorities each week.
  4. Every week, do a weekly preview every week.

The weekly Big 3 –  of 3 Marketing Priorities 

I reflect on the previous week:

  • The wins – so important right now. Notice these wins – big or small.
  • what worked and what didn’t. 
  • What I’ll continue to do, and what I need to change. 
  • And the weekly BIG 3. 
  • what I aim to do, events happening, important deadlines, tasks.

See how it makes you feel. You won’t always follow your plan, but I assure you, it will help you feel a lot more in control and able to focus on what matters most to you.  

It’s hard to have a plan when you don’t know what tomorrow will look like. But, in fact, we’ve never known what tomorrow will look like.  To help you with your weekly priorities, join the Weekly Big 3 call every Monday morning at 8 am. Get your week off to a great focussed start. 


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