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An example of smart marketing

Last night, I experienced some smart marketing. I sat in on a history, science and dance lesson. Not for the reasons you might think, but for something different and incredibly creative.

My son’s secondary school, The Gilberd School in Colchester, gave all parents of year 7 students the opportunity to visit the school for an information evening. Little did we know that we’d all be sent to class.

After a few minutes of the usual talk to a big group of people approach… we were divided up into classes and off we went, to learn. And learn we certainly did.

At the ring of the bell, we set off to find our first class. Not knowing if I was going the right way and not knowing what would happen when I sat in the chair, I could imagine what my son experienced.

Keep reading the story and you’ll soon figure it out where the smart marketing comes in.

First it was dance. The teachers stood before us and gave us an incredibly thought-provoking task, an abstract image to interpret. I sat quietly while others contributed their thoughts. And I wondered and visualised how my son might have voiced his opinions on the piece. Then we saw four year 8 students dance to a piece of choreography that they wrote, based on the artwork. Amazing.

The bell went and we shuffled out to our next class. Science. Now this was fun. Back to the basics of safety precautions around a bunsen burner. It was time to name the mystery compound.  My classmates nervously debated who would light the Bunsen burner and test the compound. Oh the joys of group tasks and the battle for leadership all came flooding back to me.  Then the bell went. We never did figure out our mystery compound. The table next to us did.

Off to History. Oh I don’t like history. And of course it is about the Gunpowder Plot and we have a test. Gulp. I‘m Canadian. I don’t know anything other than it has something to do with Guy Fawkes trying to blow up Parliament. We run through our quiz on the computer then one led by the teacher. Of course there is a smarty pants in the class who knows everything. The teacher challenges him. Absolutely brilliant. He’s not so smart after all.  The bell goes. History is finished and I leave with a great deal more knowledge about the Gunpowder Plot.

So what does this have to do with smart marketing?

The Gilberd could have easily carried on with their talk to a group of parents in a big room. Just like most other schools do.  Instead, they found a way for us to experience how our children learn at school. We took part, and as a result, I came away with the memory of a great experience and knowledge of how the Gilberd is teaching my child. And I’m impressed. I’ll certainly tell everyone about the Gilberd and how amazing the school is.

How can you do the same for your customers? What could you do to help them experience more about your company? Use smart marketing and you’ll turn them into advocates of your brand.

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