I had someone reach out to me yesterday. She was frustrated wanting to create visibility for a message that just wasn’t being seen anymore.

She asked, “What if we use Chasing  Cars?

Of course, I had to reply, “We don’t have the rights to use that piece of music, nor the budget. But it’s not just about a piece of music. It’s bigger than that. It’s not only a piece of music that’s going to get something noticed. “We just need to keep the message visible.  Constantly. Consistently.  Like Greta.”

Be like Greta. As soon as you say “Be like Greta”, everybody understands what that means.

school strike for climate



Whether you are a climate activist or not, one thing that all marketers can agree on is that Greta Thunberg has achieved phenomenal marketing success.

Only 76 weeks ago, she was an unknown Swedish schoolgirl.

Today, she is speaking with world leaders, and inspiring millions around the world to take action on climate change.



7 Ways you can be more like Greta

One of the things I’d like everyone to consider for their marketing this year is to be more like Greta.

  1. Just talking isn’t enough. Take action.
  2. Engage with people who share your values. Connect with them.
  3. Have a purpose. We are entering a new era where purpose-led brands will win. People want brands who take action, a brand that helps and does good.
  4. Make a positive impact.
  5. Have a very clear message. Greta’s was clear from the beginning, in words and in action. School Strike for climate and Fridays for Future.
  6. Know exactly who you’re speaking to.
  7. Be consistent with communicating your message however you choose to do that.

Greta was determined to ensure the world was aware of the need to take action on climate change. And every week on Fridays she stood outside the Swedish Parliament.  School strike for climate and Fridays for Future. We all now know what this means.

Be like Greta. No matter how good your marketing planning is, how smart your marketing strategy, people need to see you take action. Be like Greta. Take action and do more good.  Be a force for positive social change.


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