Convert prospects into customers with a Case Study

Stand out from your competitors and showcase your company’s ability to solve problems

We know how to write a good Case Study

A case study offers proof that you’ve helped businesses succeed by making your customers’ lives better. They build trust by giving evidence that you’re a credible company to do business with. Crafting a successful case study needs careful planning, interviewing and writing skills.  Knowing what to ask, how to delve a little deeper, and how to get the message across is what turns a case study into a good story.

How we craft a case study

We work with you to choose the best case studies to showcase your company. Once a client has been identified we give them a call to introduce ourselves and put them at their ease, we explain what’s involved. We set a convenient date for the interview with your client, at a time when your account manager is also available as we like to integrate our efforts with your sales team as much as possible. During the interview, we follow a framework of questions that are expanded upon during the interview, as answers often spark further questions. Once we have all the information we need, we write the case study with all your marketing goals in mind – creating a strong anchor and telling the story of how you’ve helped your client’s business. The final stage is to gain your client’s approval, so it’s ready to be promoted through all your marketing channels.

  • Promote the benefits of doing business with your company
  • Highlight the range of your services
  • Convey value in building a relationship with you
  • Build trust with prospects
  • Convert prospects into clients
  • Show how you’ve made your customers lives’ better


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