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Create a Content Plan for 2013

On Wednesday 21 November 2012, Google confirmed that a 22nd Google Panda update was released. For those unfamiliar with the purpose of Google’s Panda algorithm, it is meant to reward websites which continually produce high-quality content and penalise websites which either do not regularly update their web page or sites which do not produce relevant content at all.

It is time to get serious about a developing a clear content plan – one based on a solid keyword strategy.  This is a must for your 2013 marketing plan.

As a marketer, Google Panda is good news for me, and for my clients. It’s good news because it enables companies to just focus on producing great content for their propositions, and not be distracted by additional or expensive SEO tactics. Great content will help your search engine rankings, AND it will also help you communicate a clear message about your products and services. Educate your customers and prospects, keep them informed, build relationships with them.  Talk to them – all through good content.  You’ll find that you retain customers, and gain more at a greater rate – simply because you have good content that speaks to them.

If you base your content plan on a solid keyword strategy, your results will be even better.

For larger organisations who reply on the tactics that SEO companies undertake on their behalf, this Panda release suddenly makes the practice of SEO a bit harder, more time consuming — and it requires knowledge of their products and services in order to create good, valuable content.

Content is really king.

If you have not created a content plan for 2013, now’s the time.  Don’t delay because with Google Panda, it is more important than ever before. If you’ve never created a content plan, based on a keyword strategy, get in touch and I can help you get started in the right way.

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