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Create an effective Marketing Plan for 2013

Have you decided what you will do this year to target your marketing more effectively? And what will you be doing to retain your existing client base? Marketing planning takes time – but the more time spent at the beginning of the strategic marketing planning process, the stronger and more effective your marketing activity will be.

Once you’ve completed your marketing plan for 2013, run your plan through this simple test to ensure you’ve covered all angles.

  1. Have you clarified your business goals? Clear business objectives make it simpler to identify where marketing efforts need to be focused. It also ensures that there is no conflict between objectives in different areas of your organisation.
  2. Did you conduct a marketing audit? Assessments of your past marketing efforts, your marketing resources, and the competitive landscape can help to identify how you can achieve greater results and uncover new marketing strategies.
  3. Did you undertake any marketing research and opportunity analysis? Looking outward can help you discover big opportunities and simple quick wins.  It can also help to prepare you against market threats.
  4. Is there a clear product management plan in place? All products need careful management in order to get the best return on their performance, especially as user objectives change and competitive products grow. Effective pricing, positioning and careful management of the product through its lifecycle are essential.
  5. How will you control your Brand Management? Your brand is everything and its identity needs to be safeguarded and nurtured for growth.
  6. Do you have a clear customer management plan in place? Manage your customer base well and you can turn your customers into brand advocates and increase their lifetime value and profitability.
  7. Did you determine the best marketing tactics and why they are the best? Your chosen tactics need to match your budget and your resource while achieving the results you need.
  8. Do you have a documented Marketing plan and budget? A clear plan is easier to communicate, manage and implement effectively.
  9. Do you have effective controls and measures in place for monitoring performance? Controls are essential for measuring success.  Without them, money may be wasted on marketing.

If these simple questions raise any thoughts, take action to make your planning stronger and more effective.  If you require any assistance, contact KG Moore on 01206 646 006 to assist you with starting off on the right foot with a solid plan for a successful and profitable new year.

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