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Does Content Marketing work?

Content marketing is building with speed. More and more sources of content are popping up, being sold at low cost, in a rush to create and satisfy the bulging need for more content.

Why? The common response is, because you have to. That’s the way marketing is done today. Blogs are written, tweets are sent, Facebook and LinkedIn posts are published. Even sporadic videos and podcasts are recorded. I’ve seen it happen many times. People start blogging and after a couple of months, they stop. It just didn’t work for them, so they say.

Before you jump on the bandwagon and allocate budget to content, remember this…

For anything to be a success, it needs to start with a plan, effort needs to be consistent and you need to track your results. Without tracking in place, there is no method for determining whether or not it really is working.

Don’t fall into the habit of start-stop marketing. (more on that subject in another blog!) If you need help with your content marketing efforts, we can help. Start by reading this page.

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