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Does grammar matter?

Attention content marketers. Think you’re good at grammar? Read on to spot the 7 common grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes in this article. If you think grammar in marketing is not important, then here’s why you’re wrong.

“People who cannot distinguish between good and bad language, or who regard the distinction as unimportant, are unlikely to think carefully about anything else.”
B.R. Myers

Many people argue that grammar in marketing is less important than it used to be. We’ve moved on. Content marketing is about curating valuable engaging content. We’ve all got spell-check applications on our computers to fix mistakes. And what does grammar matter anyway? It’s just an antiquated set of rules that aren’t relevant to today’s digital society.

Or is it? OK, grammar might not matter much in a private note to a friend. But what about on social media? Your employer or potential employer might read that message. And what if your applying for a job? Using good grammar shows you care about the detail and that the job’s important to you. Few potential employers will take job applications seriously if they’re full of mistakes because poor grammar will effect their own credibility. Businesses have a reputation to uphold. They expect there employees to use good grammar in all correspondence with customers, partners or suppliers. Poor grammar in communication reflects badly on the business, looks unprofessional and presents an image to the outside world that is potentially off-putting. Just look at this study that says 59% of Britons wouldn’t use a company with obvious mistakes on it’s website.

Content writers, in particular, have a duty to use good grammar. We are, after all, supposed to be the experts and are paid for our ability to use words well. But that’s not all.  As writers, people assume we know what we’re doing and it’s our job to set an example.

Not all writers feel this way. Some may argue that their job is to focus on a great story or plot. But that’s like driving a beautiful new sports car with the best tyres, sound system and a bodywork but not bothering to check the oil and water. It’s an expensive oversight because few publisher’s or readers are likely to seriously consider a piece of work full of basic errors.

Good grammar is not elitist or a knowledge that resides in the heads of the highly educated. Most of us, whether we’re writers or not, are capable of looking things up or using a dictionary. And the effort’s worthwhile. Because by using good grammar, we can make words more interesting and emphasise the right points. Grammar is less about being correct, more about presenting an idea in the best way we possibly can. It forms the components and patterns that make up our language and keep it consistent. If we all started to make up our own rules, at what point would we stop? Goodness knows there are enough anomalies in the English language already to confuse any poor person that’s trying to learn it.

Did you get all 7?

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