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Four marketing tips to help SMEs grow in 2016

It is no doubt that SME’s may find it challenging to drive lead generation and attract new customers. Powerful marketing requires making a personal connection and understanding buyer needs and issues.

Decision makers expect highly informative content and information, easily and readily available. They simply do not have the time for fluff, they want to see how a product or solution will genuinely benefit their business, the ROI – importantly the cost and initial investment, whether it is time, money or resources.

Here are four top marketing tips for businesses to help them get their message out clearly and effectively.

1. Undertake more Content Marketing

For any business, one of the most important assets for growth is its website. It is fundamentally the place where you can have control over what your audience reads and the actions they take. Website analytics deliver the data needed to calculate, analyse and review ROI on certain areas. Whether it is goal competition and lead generation, to social media shares and traffic sources. Your website tells you what is working, and what is not. If you are not using this data, you are missing a big trick.

To attract more traffic to your website, give your target audience something of value, give them something that will educate them. And make sure that you optimise this content, with on page signals for Google – keywords in titles is a must. Know your keywords and develop a keyword strategy.

High quality content and resources given away are perfect starting points and should be one of the first goals you set up to capture prospect data. Once they are captured, pull them straight into your CRM, with integrated forms, and deliver an automated personal email message to them and a task alert to your sales team. Impress them with your one to one personalised communication.

2. Social Media

Social media accounts give you the ability to push your message wider and enhance your SEO efforts, at little cost. It has the power to amplify your message and get it across to audiences that may otherwise be difficult to reach.

The potential of social media can be leveraged only if you know which the best platforms for your business. According to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report published by Social Media Examiner, Facebook and Twitter were the preferred marketing platforms for B2C businesses whereas LinkedIn was the top choice for B2B businesses. Know where to be, by knowing where your customers and prospects are. Engage with them where they want to engage.

3. Invest wisely

Many small businesses, especially those in B2B sector, choose to spend the bare minimum on marketing activities and essentials. When budgets are tight, marketing is always the first area to suffer. The most essential item to invest in is developing a strategy and a plan to implement it. A clear strategy will help you define and create a sustainable competitive advantage. Once you have a clear strategy, begin implementing activity in a consistent manner. A small steady amount of regular marketing every month is more powerful than two expensive bursts every year. Create a budget and invest in activities that will deliver the greatest return. If you are unsure of what will deliver a return, start by looking at what you can currently measure. Check current performance and see what is working best. A marketing audit can also help to identify marketing opportunities that you might be missing out on.

4. Act Local

Small businesses have more stake in local marketing dynamics. Invest time an effort in local SEO. Optimise your website and build links that help you get found locally. Know your keywords and know which web pages are structured around which terms. Another thing to do is to properly embed a Google Map. And most importantly, make sure you have your local keyword on your homepage title tag. So if you are a business based in Colchester, selling your services to buyers in Colchester, make sure Colchester is in your page title tag.

If you only do 4 things with your marketing in 2016, consider following these 4 simple tips. If you need any assistance, we are here to help.

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