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Hello December

Did you wake up this morning with a burst of energy, welcoming in another new month, knowing the guy in the red suit is expected to arrive in only 24 days ? Or did your stomach drop to your toes as your unfinished list of marketing actions swirled through your mind?

Look back at the past 11 months and take stock of all of the marketing activity that you have successfully implemented.  Most organisations will see a picture of “start -stop” marketing with bursts of activity here and there. If this is what you see, here are some things to consider, to help kick start your marketing plan in 2015.

It’s not uncommon for marketing activity to be executed without visible consistency. Marketers are faced with more challenges in the digital era with more communication channels than ever before. Finding the time to interpret data, plan, create and implement marketing activity across all of them is challenging. Here are 4 things that you can put in place which will lead to more consistent marketing efforts that will deliver greater results.

1. Set a Marketing Budget

If you don’t have a marketing budget set for 2015, take time out to get this in place. Without clear budgets, it’s impossible to plan ahead. Not only will a budget aid your planning, it will also ensure that every bit of spend is in the best areas, helping you to achieve your overall revenue and profit objectives.  It can help to focus attention where it is needed, ensuring that more effort goes into making sure that the activity that costs you the most is getting the focus it needs to generate a greater return… rather than just letting things run as you always have.

2. Use a Marketing Dashboard

Make it quick and simple for you to see all of the marketing activity that you are implementing and how it is performing. This can be achieved by using a marketing dashboard. And if you can’t measure it, you might think twice about undertaking the activity in the first instance. A dashboard is something we use for all of our clients. At any time, you can see what marketing activity is running, and how it is performing. This makes it easier to determine where your returns are coming from. You can also see what simply is not working. With this information you are in a better position to do something about it, faster.

3. Know your Marketing Lifecycle

Make sure your marketing team understands your buyers, how they think and behave. Then make sure they are producing valuable content that helps at every point along the marketing lifecycle. This starts with lead generation, through to turning customers into advocates that generate incredible leads for you. Know each stage and produce content that helps to nurture leads through the marketing lifecycle. Your sales team will love you for this.

4. Project Manage your Marketing Activity

More gets done when everyone is accountable for their tasks. It’s as simple as that. Project managing your marketing activity can help you deliver almost double the results in the same period of time. Set up a system and use it for managing daily tasks, delivering weekly and monthly marketing project updates.

For some clients, we manage all of their marketing activitystrategy development, marketing planning and implementation. For others, we offer directional support, meeting with their marketing team periodically throughout the month to keep activity on track.  Things always go better when someone never takes their eyes off the ball.

Hopefully we’ve given you some ideas that will make a difference to your marketing plan next year. If you need any support, just give us a call on 01206 646 006. We’d be happy to help.

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