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How to Implement Change Successfully

The new year brings a surge of new objectives and no doubt, change. But how do you implement change successfully, in order to achieve your desired results?

Implementing change effectively will save both time and money, yet so often organisations fail. So what are the secrets?

Is it the speed that change is introduced that impacts the successful implementation of change? A great article was published on the Harvard Business Review Blog talking about the slow/fast leadership argument. The author states The issue is less about how fast CEOs are willing to move than how quickly their most reliable customers are prepared to change.”

Consider your customers and how they will be impacted by any change that you are introducing.  Keep them informed and let them know how the change will impact them.

Successful implementation of any change also needs to carefully take into consideration not only the impact on customers, but on your people, your internal resources. They are the guys who are on the front line living with the change, implementing it.

When change is introduced, we all experience “the change curve”. Understanding this curve and how people may react should be taken into consideration when introducing change. By understanding the stages that people go through when dealing with change, you can help people adapt to change more quickly.

Plan for this impact that change will make, communicate clearly, support your people and provide direction and guidance – and your change is more likely to be successful.

A great article on the Expert Program Management website talks about introducing change. In my experience, a strong Project Manager who manages the introduction of change will greatly increase the likelihood of success.

All people are impacted by change differently, yet we all go through the change process. Take this into account when introducing any change and you’ll make it less about change and more about a smooth transition.

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