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Infographic: 3 ways to move a customer through your sales pipeline

How your customers move through your sales pipeline is out of your control. But don’t assume you can’t shape and guide that customer journey. You can and you should.

Your sales and marketing teams can work together to shape the customer journey. They can move a customer through the sales pipeline faster using a few tips and ideas in this infographic from our friends at

Content marketing can give your sales team more tools, to help them positively affect the customer journey. Those helpful articles, images, eBooks, whitepapers, infographics, social posts videos and webinars can meet a whole host of different goals, from capturing interest to capturing personal details.

Content marketing has a number of purposes, and its goals may be widespread—from increasing customer satisfaction to generating leads—but its primary focus is clear. Your content exists to support the customer journey, ultimately helping your sales team succeed. When based on a Content Marketing Strategy, your content marketing will generate even greater results.

Of course, your salespeople have to nurture their relationships with leads and customers. Only two percent of sales occur after the first meeting, which means each sale takes time, effort, and patience.

To ensure your relationships are nurtured properly over time, use marketing automation through a marketing funnel to keep in contact, moving prospects through your sales pipeline, at the right moment. Using marketing automation technology, you could potentially see a 360% higher conversion rate than with basic sales efforts.

If you require help with developing your marketing funnels, content for your funnels or marketing automation system set up, we are here to help.

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Via Salesforce

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