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Is marketing an investment or irritable cost?

With a few of the prospective clients I’ve met in the past couple of weeks, it’s been easy to tell who views marketing as an investment which will help them achieve business goals, and those who see it as fluff that just costs money.

So what has led to this clear divide in thought?

In my opinion, many marketers are to blame themselves. Many marketers lack business knowledge, vision, planning capabilities and the experience to understand what activity results in lead generation and revenue growth. So many lead with design. And too many are far too removed from sales.

There has always been a rocky relationship between sales and marketing. But I’ll come back to that in a minute.

Research about the CEO/CMO relationship shows how marketers have battled relentlessly to prove their worth to the board. We’ve been told repeatedly how most MDs believe marketers have little business credibility because they cannot prove the effectiveness of what they do.

But with Martech growing at incredible rates, there is a system to measure everything. Marketers who embrace this will flourish. The challenge is knowing what to measure and what to do with the results.

With focus on measurement, customer experience and the growth of marketing automation, marketers have never been better placed to redefine their role and take a leadership place on the board.

But those who do will be the ones who rise above the rest, using marketing budget to drive growth, aligning themselves closely with sales.

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