Marketing wasn’t something ever I thought about until I got my first job. At KG Moore I get to continue to develop my skills while helping local businesses succeed in the competitive global market. I love keeping up with the evolution of all the marketing systems that are out there as well as learning the ever-growing list of new systems.

At KG Moore I’m developing my skill set and knowledge of analytics and feeding the data back into the marketing strategy. I’m also helping clients improve their results by continually researching and testing the latest systems on the market. I am the ‘go to’ guy for marketing technology.

If we’re working on email marketing, marketing automation, email autoresponders, or setting up a marketing dashboard, I’ll be doing this work for you. I’m also the guy who works on social media to help increase engagement and to start conversations with people relevant to you and your business.

I also help with setting up and maintaining your reporting dashboards so you can see which targets we’re hitting such as increasing your website traffic, tracking your leads from AdWords and all of your email marketing stats.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time keeping up to date with current affairs as well as spending time learning about physical and human geography, especially geopolitics. At the weekends you can usually find me out and about with mates or having a kick about, as long as the weather’s dry! If I’m having a quiet weekend I’ll probably be gaming or working on restoring my boat ready for next summer.