hugh moore

video marketer

I’m our Video Marketer

I’m a student with a passion for film, and I am looking to gain experience as I build up my portfolio of work.

Having just finished my GCSEs, I’m looking forward to starting my A-levels at Suffolk One College; I will be taking: English Literature, Film Studies, Drama and Politics. I have an analytical mind; I enjoy dissecting movies and television, as well as the books I read. My passion for this led me to take English Literature and Film Studies as it will allow me to explore the mediums further.

I also have a good understanding of social media, and I will look to use these skills and develop them further while working at KG Moore. I can identify trends and explore how to capitalise on them. I have an excellent understanding of YouTube, Twitter and Instagram and how to optimise your posts to receive the most attention.

I will also be contributing to a regular blog, in which I aim to discuss the progress I make with video marketing content for KG Moore, and hopefully, provide some insight to encourage your business to do the same.

  • Social Media 85%
  • Filming 80%
  • Script Writing 70%
  • Blog Writing 70%
  • Editing 65%