As a forward thinking and strategic marketer, I have a knack for finding solutions and marketing opportunities. I can see opportunities and spot trends in research and data where others cannot.

I combine a rigorous approach to forecasting and analysis with strategic marketing knowledge, focus on customer experience and lifecycle marketing. This has resulted in a track record for implementing marketing programmes that achieve business growth. My clients trust me because of my openness and honesty, and probably because of how involved they can become in the marketing process.

After working as a Business Planning and Development Manager for Vodafone, I spotted a need in the market for someone who could really dig into a business, understand it and how it operated – then invest that knowledge into marketing programmes that deliver results. I started KG Moore in February 2011 after freelancing as a marketing strategist for organisations in the telecoms sector.

I have over 20 years of business development and senior marketing management experience. I’ve been fortunate to have led a host of marketing projects, managing strategic marketing relationships with partners including American Express USA, American Express UK, and Verizon Wireless – I’ve quickly learned what works and what doesn’t work.

At KG Moore, I manage all client accounts, all strategic partner relationships with marketing agencies and freelancers. I lead the strategic marketing process and maintain responsibility for sign off across all marketing work. No work is delivered to the client until it passes through me first.

My team is always learning, always growing. Today’s marketing landscape demands characters who have a thirst for progressive development. We’re always testing the boundaries of what can be achieved, striving to leverage technology to do more and achieve more. If you’re a marketing strategist looking for project work, or if you’re an aspiring marketer with a strategic approach, please get in touch.