Stephen Marsh


I’m one of our Copywriters

I take what we need to say and find the best possible way to say it.

That means different things to different people. Sometimes, it’s making complicated things sound simple. Other times it’s inspiring people to take action. But it’s always writing to serve a purpose, not just fill a space.

Since 2009, I’ve written for clients of all sizes, in industries from private healthcare to private detectives. They choose me for crystal-clear copy that gets the point across in an interesting, engaging way.

For KG Moore, I write blog posts, eBooks, articles, press releases, web pages, social posts and more. They’re all opportunities to go in-depth with readers, stepping away from the hard sell and tapping into the value of content that’s truly useful.

Whatever the size of your organisation, whether your audience are consumers or other businesses, my job is to write copy that makes people connect – with your business, your brand’s personality, and what you have to offer.

  • Blog Articles 100%
  • Press Releases 100%
  • LinkedIn Articles 100%
  • eBooks 100%
  • Tweets, Posts, Status Updates 100%