Victoria Blanshard

Marketing Researcher

I’m our Lead Researcher

A keen runner, I relish challenge and am driven by results. That’s why, as a professional market researcher, I can focus on and achieve new goals for every client.

I find out what’s important to your prospective buyers – I know where to look and who to speak to. I’ll hone in on what makes your offering better than those of competitors, and help build your marketing around it. Whether I’m helping you create successful campaigns, or smashing my own personal best on the track, I won’t stop until I’ve achieved the best results possible.

At KG Moore, I work mainly in research so I’ll be identifying the needs of your target market and uncovering market forces, advising you on how to craft your proposition to attract interest. I also advise how to enhance customer experience, highlighting areas where you can easily support and expand the service you offer.

I’m thorough and want to deliver my best, so from me you can expect a lot of questions, analysis and recommendations.


  • Research 98%
  • Market Segmentation 89%
  • Customer Insight 85%
  • Survey Development 89%
  • SWOT Analysis 100%
  • Marketing Audits 75%