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Learn something about Social Media Strategy from Waitrose

Earlier this week, on Monday (17th September), Waitrose sent a Tweet asking for people to finish the sentence  “I shop at Waitrose because….”

If you don’t follow Waitrose on Twitter, you might want to start now.  The responses have been most entertaining.  Here are a few…

Waitrose did receive some genuine replies, the ones that I am sure the brand had hoped for when it planned this Tweet.

Waitrose has responded to the messages very well, taking on the good humour. But I question if they would have sent the Tweet in the first place had they anticipated the response.

Think before you Tweet. Be prepared for the response. Better yet, ensure the Tweet is part of your overall communications strategy.

Time will tell if this helps Waitrose to improve brand perception, one of quality and service, or to build the perception that it is only for the elite and wealthy.

Perceptual Gaps

As part of a marketing strategy, an organisation needs to determine the perception of its brand.  Do your customers perceive you the way you think you do? Do you need to conduct any activity to close any perceptual gaps?

If you want to learn more about perceptual mapping, contact KG Moore on 01206 646 006 or by email at for information at advice.

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