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Local Colchester marketing budgets made to work smarter in tough economic climate

The response of local Colchester firms to current trading conditions has been to maximise, not cut, their marketing spend. Maintaining a competitive edge requires a commitment to marketing but when every penny counts, all marketing has to be effective.

“Our clients are benefiting from marketing strategies and marketing plans that tell them exactly how they will achieve their business goals in 2013. They now work from a plan with forecasted results and tools in place for monitoring and measuring results.”

To deliver targeted, accountable marketing activity with a focus on return is the goal of most marketing plans but why do so many marketing plans fail? For a marketing plan to succeed, strategic marketing planning must follow a process and this is where firms need support, comments Kim Moore, of KG Moore Limited, a Colchester based marketing consultancy, who has seen an increase in business as firms focus on their investment returns.

It is a misconception that when times are tough, spend on consultancy decreases. Kim Moore notes that, “Our client base is expanding, mainly through referrals. We help our clients to create a marketing plan that leverages the use of the marketing agency, design resources, SEO and PR agencies that they already use. If they lack resource, we can help. The focus is not on cutting the budget (although savings often result) but on making sure that all activity is effective. For this to happen, marketing efforts need to be aligned with business objectives – and all resources working together from a single plan, not pulling in different directions. This is how companies can get the highest possible return on their marketing budget.”

“I don’t listen to what anyone tries to tell me about my business, except for Kim. I really value what she has to say.  I’ve got different people working on designing my literature, my logo, my website and they were all working at their own tasks. But now, with Kim’s input and guidance, everything’s pulled together by a clear marketing strategy and plan, and I am already seeing the results. We’re developing an exciting new brand that really communicates what we are about. Kim has been extremely flexible, working with me in the way I needed her support the most, which has saved me money on her fees. She’s also identified some things I wasn’t great at and is saving me money, with her knowledge and experience, knowing the best way to conduct my marketing, with the budget available. With KG Moore supporting our marketing, I am confident I’ll improve results and generate a greater return on my marketing spend.” Commented Dave Kitt, owner of KitCrew Camps, an Ipswich based organization that offers summer camps for children.

KG Moore has grown its marketing strategy and planning services considerably over the last couple of years, and recently added a new member to the team, Victoria Blanshard, to help meet this demand. KG Moore offers freelance marketing resource for developing marketing strategies, marketing planning and plan implementation to customers throughout Essex and Suffolk.

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