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Strategic Insights

Receive an email each time we publish a new Strategic Insights blog. Stay ahead of the marketing game with the latest happenings in the marketing industry.

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Receive information about any events held at KG Moore. Ranging from breakfast panel discussions, community engagement groups, focus groups, strategic marketing conferences and the occasional party. Be the first to know about what’s going on.

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Strategy & Planning

Learn about strategy tools and planning methods that will help you strengthen your value propositions and and deliver marketing that connects with your audinece- marketing with meaning and impact.

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Customer Insight and Customer Journey Mapping

Learn methods that will help you understand your buyers at a greater level, and how to use this insight to entice them to buy your products and services instead of your competitors’.

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Strategic Marketing Leadership Development

Learn how to strategise to become a better marketer and achieve your marketing goals. Subscribe for the latest workshops, training, live projects, mastermind groups and coaching. Continual development and accountability.

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GDPR ePrivacy and PECR Updates

Stay compliant. Learn about the latest legislative updates and case studies relating the the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) ePrivacy and PECR.

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Marketing Meetup Colchester

Receive information about our monthly Marketing Meetup. Stay updated with the latest marketing changes and connect with other local marketers in an informal friendly environment.

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More Marketing With Less Overhead Using Marketing Automation

Learn about marketing practices and marketing automation which enable you to do more marketing without having to spend a great deal more.

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Monday Motivation Email

Start your week with tips to inspire your marketing activity and to help you keep your marketing on track.