Achieve the perfect balance between effective daily actions and thinking ahead to achieving your long term marketing strategy with the 90 Days to Consistency marketing coaching programme. 

90 Days  to Consistency Marketing Coaching Programme

Create and implement a strategic 90-day marketing action plan that will balance the need to recover in 2020 with positioning for growth in 2021 – with our support. An agile strategic marketing action plan will ensure that your marketing efforts are aligned with your changing business objectives, balancing short term cashflow with long term brand building activity.

Every week, we will cover more information to help you strengthen your marketing. The programme balances taking action with agile planning. Action starts immediately and we will make sure that your plan responds to the changing market and covers all aspects of your customer journey – from prospect to customer. We’ll make sure we understand your customer buying cycle, how customer needs are changing and develop marketing that helps create warm leads for your sales team. This will ensure they are spending their time with leads at the right time.

Coaching takes place online, 12 sessions in a group coaching setting, 1 per week, over a 90-day period with additional bi-weekly accountability calls.

  • Create a 90-day action plan and implement it
  • Bi-weekly accountability calls
  • Monthly progress review
  • Coaching in a Marketing Focus Community
  • Project Management tips
  • Performance Reporting & Feedback Reviews
  • Q&A sessions

90 Days to Consistency Marketing Coaching Programme Includes

  • 1:2:1 Goal setting session
  • Guidance on Gathering Insight
  • Guidance on marketing messaging
  • Guidance on creating the tactical promotional plan
  • Guidance on Segmentation and targeting
  • Guidance on using tracking and performance reporting
  • Guidance on content planning
  • Guidance on your social media plan
  • Guidance on Marketing Budget planning
  • Guidance on Project Management

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90 Days to Consistency

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FAQs about Our Marketing Coaching Services

Who is this coaching service for?

We offer a range of coaching programmes, all designed to suit different people and your needs. If you are setting a new marketing direction, utilising new tactics, need and a fresh perspective or need someone to keep you on track and accountable, a marketing coach can help.

Where does the coaching take place?

Coaching happens via zoom calls, which are always scheduled in advance. There’s no travelling needed, no time away from running your business and no excuses! You also have access to me via phone and email as well, so you can check in with me when you have questions or need a second opinion on marketing campaigns or strategies you’re working on. As the market opens up, we can discuss face to face coaching, when it is appropriate and needed.

What are the extra benefits of group coaching?

Some assume one-on-one coaching works best, but based on years of marketing management we’re convinced business owners get results faster through group coaching. In groups, we learn from the challenges that others face. We also gain ideas. group coaching enables you to gain the experience of others, without having to feel the frustration or pain of doing something yourself. Learning from others journey, speeds our own learning.

Stuck? Could a coach help you progress your marketing?

Need clarity, direction, guidance on how to adapt your business propositions and your marketing to the changing market? Schedule a free 30-minute call to see if you think Kim could help.

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  1. We’ll store your personal information in our CRM system, in line with our privacy policy, so that we can pick up the conversation with you.
  2. We may send you emails to follow up on our discussion.
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