Strategic Marketing Leadership Development

The Strategic Marketing Leadership Development Coaching programme is designed to help you build the skills and confidence to enable you to gain the direction, focus and support you need to achieve marketing impact.

Strategic Marketing Leadership Development

The Strategic Marketing Leadership Development Coaching Programme is a professional development programme created to support a Marketing Manager through every stage of their work, from ideation to research, strategy and execution.

With a focus on practical implementation, you’ll develop the skills needed to create a cohesive plan and a wealth of valuable tactics to help you achieve your company’s marketing goals.

Are you a Marketing professional yearning for outside input, extra insight and guidance, and the opportunity to learn and share with a group of like-minded people? When you join the Marketing Leadership Development Programme you will get:

  • A 12-month guided journey through defining and achieving your marketing goals
  • A personalised goal-setting session for your company plus 10 modules
  • Guidance in creating (and sticking to!) a proactive, rolling  90-day plan for your marketing
  • Deep-dives into specific areas like buyer insight, project management and more
  • An assigned senior mentor and access to a marketing support line
  • Potential collaborations and testing comparisons with like-minded marketers

Learn Strategies They Don’t Teach On Marketing Courses

Our expertise can help you to raise your marketing game so your campaigns become more structured, strategic and better informed. And you’ll impress your customers, prospects, sales execs and your boss alike. The Strategic Marketing Leadership Development program takes 10 marketers through 10 workshops during a full 12 months of teaching and support:

A flip calendar page with a 90 on it

The 90 Day Plan

An icon of a pencil writing a newsletter

Content Strategy

An outline of a briefcase

Project Management

A icon of a map showing how to navigate to a certain region

Acquisition Strategy

A target group of customers in a target

Buyer Insight

An icon of an infographic with text, images and graphs

Lead Magnets

A persons head and shoulders with a shell of electrons surrounding them

Buyer Persona Development

An outline of a human head and shoulders with a phone, email and internet symbol in a circle around it


An icon of a flipchart with a chart and text

Tracking & Analytics

An analogue compass

Funnels and Nurturing

And there’s more…

Pre program: A dedicated meeting with you and your MD where we identify your company’s marketing goals for the year and gain a mutual clarity on what success looks like for you. This collaborative approach will ensure you communicate openly, share common goals and that your marketing activities complement the business’s overall growth objectives.

During program: A collective, collaborative approach with a group of like-minded marketers and proactive tasks to help you implement your new skills and knowledge in your current marketing campaigns. You’ll also get access to a marketing support line which will allow you to get further advice and direction when you need it outside of the workshops.

Post program: The chance to give and receive feedback on the program and your progress over the last twelve months, as well as coming away with new contacts and lifetime skills. You’ll get an improved network of like-minded friends for help and advice, as well as the know-how to improve your career prospects and breed long-term success.

Is This You?

Your life is overwhelmed with growing to-do lists, second-guesses and fresh demands from customers and superiors. Chasing improvement can feel like an endless task, projects become overwhelming and you’ve got countless demands on your time. And you’re tired of Mike the Finance Director picking holes in your suggestions.

Today’s marketing world can be a perfect storm of pressures. You’re dealing with looming deadlines, creating sales tools and generating meaningful content whilst trying to increase social media engagement, get PR coverage and stay on top of new marketing technology. Your time is becoming very thinly spread, and it feels like you’re being pulled in all directions.

It’s hard to handle this alone. With little or no outside guidance, you’re in danger of plunging into a marketing abyss. Where is your opportunity to think, strategise and deliver better results?

Put Yourself On The Path To Success

A goal. A strategy. A plan to make positive results happen.

Imagine what it’ll be like to develop concrete aims for your marketing and concentrate on your strategy to achieve them, all the time working with new management skills, new insights and new knowledge of best practices across the board.

This is a chance to put yourself in control, get on top of what you do and completely own your process. You’ll have a structure for managing your time and resources, a vision for your marketing outcomes, and the know-how to make them happen.

By the end of the program, you’ll have gained both the respect of your colleagues and the confidence in yourself to drive your company’s revenue streams skyward through improved customer acquisition and profile.


Shine in your work

The aims of the Strategic Marketing Leadership Development course is simple: to provide much-needed support to isolated marketers and marketing managers, and to enable businesses to see far better results from their marketing through happier, better-informed, smarter staff.

Imagine how your company could out-perform competitors with:

  • A laser-focused, highly-organised marketing strategy attuned to your company goals
  • A wealth of new insights, new ideas and an implementation plan to make them happen
  • Accountable, time-based structures to put your plans into action
  • A broader, deeper knowledge of tactics for buyer acquisition and nurturing
  • The professional confidence gained from personal support
  • New long-term business relationships and lifetime skills to drive success

Act now and take advantage of our initial intake offer

As this is the start of the Strategic Marketing Leadership Development, we’re offering the comprehensive 12-month program at the early-adopter rate of £250 per month.

About KG Moore

In a career spanning more than 25 years, Kim Moore has successfully implemented marketing programs within organisations of all sizes, from dynamic small businesses to larger corporate environments such as Vodafone, Verizon Wireless and American Express.

With experience as a Marketing Manager, Sales Director and Business Owner, Kim brings a huge amount of insight to the table and an understanding of marketing priorities from every perspective. At KG Moore, we know what it takes to create an effective marketing program and ensure it succeeds.

The KG Moore offices from the road

Is this right for me?

You could carry on doing everything just the same, in the same environment and getting the same results. But that wouldn’t be smart, would it?

If you are a Marketing Manager who is:

  • Wishing they could get advice and direction for their strategies
  • Under pressure from all sides and doesn’t know what to tackle first
  • Constantly guessing at what might work
  • Mired in what latest marketing tools and tactics they should be using
  • Feeling like they’re in this alone
  • Starting to think that jobs like ‘Refuse & Recycling Operative’ sound attractive


Gain the confidence and skills to deliver better marketing results.

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