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Word choice has always been important. Marketing communications during the COVID-19 crisis is critical. Don’t go completely quiet. Communicate with empathy, paint a picture of hope and keep connected. Maintain your brand presence, convey your brand purpose and communicate with confidence during these adverse conditions. 

The big question many are asking… should we pause all ads, stop all marketing automation, and cease all outbound communication to prospects and customers?

Many businesses simply will not have a crisis comms plan in place. I’ll be here to support you during this time, with guidance that will help you to consider what communications are needed, and what to consider when you draft your communications. Together I can help you create a marketing strategy to strengthen your brand.

This will cover internal communications and marketing communications with your customer base and prospects, for the long-term economic health of your business.

For a start, here’s a list of the Do’s for your marketing communications during the COVID-19 crisis:

  1. Do Listen. Hear the challenges, understand the needs in the market right now. This is what marketing does – keep doing it. Look for how you can adapt your products and services to meet these challenges.
  2. Do create a strategic comms plan. Maintain communication with your employees, with your customers, with your suppliers, with your freelancers. Create a simple plan for how you will achieve this. Don’t overcomplicate it. Get your new product or service in the market.
  3. Do communicate on social media. Keep your brand visible and filled with helpful, meaningful content. Convey your purpose. Share stories about people using your new product or service. Share how you are helping. Encourage connection. keep your messaging and tone in check with the changing circumstances. and make sure you are using good visual content – be empathetic. Be purposeful.
  4. Do use video messaging. Video is a wonderful way to connect with people and keep your marketing communications more human – less corporate. Be purposeful – be full of hope.
  5. Do use email marketing. Your lists are where your most engaged contacts are. And not is a good time to grow your lists. Tell people about the new solutions and products you are offering and how they help. But be purposeful.
  6. Do continue to listen to your market. Hear what they need. Do things differently to meet needs. Things will change as we move from crisis to recovery to the new world. Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end.
  7. Do be kind and collaborate. The world needs new ways of working, new ways of thinking, creativity, innovation – we can achieve this faster with collaboration. (sharing the workload)
  8. Do plan for the future. We will go through different phases as this crisis unfolds. Now you should be executing your immediate response. For me thins means being helpful. Building a sense of community and sharing knowledge. We will then enter a phase where we need to focus on adapting Many of us are already doing this. Then we need to be ready for business, but in the new normal – whatever that will look like.

As for don’t’s.

Don’t carry on as though it’s business as usual. Nothing is usual at the moment.

Don’t let automated messaging go unchecked. Turn off your automation, or edit the tone of the messages.

Don’t make decisions hastily. Think twice before sending your coms out. Check to tone. Check your motive.

Don’t go quiet. But communicate with purpose. Convey solutions that meet needs. After all, that is what marketing is all about.

I’ll be starting regular online help sessions via Zoom. I’ll share more when it is ready. Subscribe to this blog, or follow me and the KG Moore LinkedIn page for regular updates. I sincerely hope they help.

Be well. Stay well.

Kim x

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