Marketing Communications During the COVID-19 Crisis

Word choice has always been important, but more so now, than ever before. Communicate with empathy and with compassion and keep connected. We want to help you maintain your brand presence and communicate with confidence during these adverse conditions

Many businesses simply will not have a crisis comms plan in place. We are wanting to support you during this time, with guidance that will help you to consider what communications are needed, and what to consider when you draft your communications. This will cover internal communications and marketing communications with your customer base and prospects, for the economic health of your business.

Over the coming weeks we will create, and collaborate with others to provide resources for:
  • Creating a strategic comms plan
  • Maintain communication with your customers
    • Communicating on social media
    • Using video messaging with confidence
    • Email marketing
  • Listen to your market. Hear what they need. Do things differently to meet needs.
  • Be kind and collaborating (sharing the workload)
  • Plan for the future. Be ready for business.

Weekly Big 3

Every Monday morning at 8 AM, set aside time to confirm your BIG 3 marketing priorities for the week.  Keep your marketing moving forward and your brand visible.

Comms Club

Gain guidance and feedback on your marketing messaging. Every Tuesday at 10 AM. This is a place where you can discuss what to say (or not to say) in your marketing communications.

Coffee Break

Grab yourself a coffee, and take a 30-minute coffee break. Every Wednesday at 10 AM. A bit of unstructured time is a great way to connect with others.