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Interview buyers for actionable insight


Buyer Persona Development for marketing that creates sales

The buyer persona is the foundation of strategic marketing. There’s nothing more important than understanding why someone chooses to buy your product or service, or why they’ve chosen your competitor’s instead.

A buyer persona will help you paint a picture of your audience – their challenges, needs, buying decision-making processes and the kind of content they like to consume. Once you understand them, you’ll never second guess the marketing decisions you make. When developing buyer personas, it’s good practice to gain an understanding of their buying stages – the thoughts that go through their mind and the actions they take as they research, choose and buy. These buying stages tell you what each piece of content should accomplish at each stage.

What would you do differently if you already knew what your prospects or customers really thought about doing business with you? We can help you gain this insight. A buyer persona establishes a description of your buyer and gains an understanding of their buying behaviour – what drives them to buy or not to buy.

Questions that help you develop a Buyer Persona

  • Why did they search for a solution like yours?
  • What pains did they experience which drove them to find a solution?
  • What factors made them prioritise the time and budget needed to find a solution?
  • What will change for them when they implement your solution?
  • What barriers are there that stop them from choosing your solution?
  • What are the steps in their buying process that they’ll take to make a buying decision?
  • Who’s the most critical decision maker at each stage of the buying process?

How well do you think you already know your buyers? We can help you develop a buyer persona and show you how to use them to improve your marketing.


We can help you build a better understanding of your buyer personas and their buying process. Invest this knowledge in developing more meaningful connections with your prospects and customers.