A blog post is just the start, keep your content generating leads

Why Invest More In Content?

Are your blog posts, despite being well written and well researched, failing to capture the attention of your audience?

Or even if they are being read, are they continuing to generate leads and engagement once the initial interest in the post has subsided? With over 6 million new blog posts being shared everyday, getting your message to stand out in the crowd is hard work.

This is what a content marketing plan is designed to do- ensuring that you’re getting your message out there in the most effective way.

The Content Marketing Package encompasses everything required to develop your content. Saving you time and money by taking the pressure off you when it comes to long term promotion of content and sustaining engagement.

The package includes branded social posts promoting new blogs, and lead magnet on your social media channels. Websites will have a dedicated landing page designed to capture the leads your content has generated and encouraged them to download it. An email campaign will be launched, which keeps leads warm and reminds your customers that you care about their success.


An icon of a pencil writing a newsletter

Convey your knowledge to your audience with engaging blog content. We will conduct market research to identify topics which will attract the right prospects. Our content writers will then produce high-quality blog content your readers will find of value. Content will optimised for search and be suitable for conversion into a lead magnet.

  • Keyword Research
  • Search Console Analysis
  • Content Trend Analysis
  • Copywriting


A blog isn’t enough. Order the full package to gain more exposure for your content.

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