Feel Confident In Your Marketing Decisions

Get tracking in place, a visual marketing performance report and a greater understanding of what it all means. Goodbye anxiety and indecision. Deliver marketing activity swiftly, with confidence.

Use Google Data Studio Marketing Performance Reports to turn data into actionable insight

If you’re struggling to gain clarity about how your marketing is performing, the data you’re receiving probably isn’t actionable.  We can help you get the information you need.

Analytics can be confusing, overwhelming and, quite frankly, difficult, but successful marketing depends on your ability to assess and refine your marketing activities. Success really depends on analytics and insight. 

Start with a Marketing Performance Report, created in Google Data Studio. It will help you make more informed marketing decisions and help to ensure you are not wasting time and money on ineffective marketing activity.

We can set up your reports in a way which only shows you information which is useful to your business. Once this is done, we can talk you through using your reports or analyse the data to provide you with actions to improve your marketing performance.


There are a number of things that need to get done in order to get an actionable Marketing Performance Report. We can help with all of this, or some of this. You decide.

  1. Configure Google Analytics & Google Search Console
    Ensure Google Analytics and Search Console are installed and configured correctly.
  2. Organise and Configure Tracking
    You can’t improve what you are not measuring. Check that all activity is being tracked properly.
  3. Configure Google Data Studio Marketing Performance Reports
    We can configure Google Data Studio marketing performance reports for you, saving you time.
  4. Analysis & Recommended Next Actions
    We’ll analyse your data and provide monthly marketing recommendations to inform your marketing activity.

You decide what you need help with

Be an informed data-driven marketer. Choose from 3 options to get the marketing performance reporting support you need.

Just want the Marketing Performance Report Template?
  • Download our free Marketing Performance Report template.
    • Standard template that you can configure
    • User guide
Need help Setting up a custom Marketing Performance Report?
  • Your template and set up includes:
    • Standard template
    • User guide
    • A configured template showing last months and year to date data
    • Automatically updated
    • Access anytime
    • Sent to you Monthly

View our template and play around with our demo report


The data KG Moore provided with Google Analytics reporting not only provided us with a clear overview of our website performance so far, but gave us insight on where we can go from here.

Guy Horne
Cardea Homes


Not sure what help you need with your marketing performance reports? Talk to us to work through your challenges.

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