Use Data To Make Better Marketing Decisions

Guesswork doesn’t produce results. Use analytics to make confident decisions about your Marketing Activity.

You can’t improve what you’re not measuring. Make improvements to how you measure your marketing performance to ensure you’re not wasting your time or budget. Use analytics, goals and tracking to understand your marketing strengths and weaknesses. We can set up the reports you need to track performance and give you actions to improve your marketing based on the data we find.

Marketing is a process of testing and refining your actions and methods. Having data which shows you where your performance can be enhanced helps you make continual improvements to your marketing- bringing you closer to achieving greater lead generation and higher revenue.

Spot opportunities to leverage your marketing actions and make the effort being put in produce greater rewards. Being able to take action quickly and confidently could help set you apart from your competitors and win you a greater number of clients.

See which areas of your marketing are resulting in real leads. Don’t waste your money on marketing channels which aren’t sending people to your website, or spend your time on web pages which aren’t producing leads. If more people are finding your website through search engines, time and money will be better spent making your website as easy to find as possible through search engine optimisation.

Discover your most viewed pages, and learn what content your customers prefer and are expecting from your website. Knowing the type of content your customers respond well to can help you tailor your messaging, improving customer experience and conversion rates and helping you generate more business without additional effort!

Understanding how your customers move through your website enables you to strengthen areas which aren’t causing them to respond in the way you would like. Customer’s not clicking through to a download page? Maybe you need to strengthen your call to action, or change your internal linking to make their journey easier and prevent them from searching elsewhere.

The Benefits Of Marketing Performance Reports

If you’ve ever questioned ‘why’ you’re using reports, then the information you’re receiving probably isn’t actionable. Most marketing systems are expensive and complicated. We use Google Data Studio, a free reporting tool, to create a wide range of reports to suit your business goals.

Google Data Studio allows us to do the following:

  • Create custom reports-Designed to show you the information most valuable to your business.
  • Have them update automatically with the latest data- Making it easier for you to monitor your marketing and make changes regularly
  • Automatically pull data from your Google Analytics and Google Search Console- Understanding how people are using your website is invaluable when it comes to improving your website metrics.
  • Tailor the reports to your business objectives- You’ll know when you hit your marketing goals or how far off reaching them you are.

We can set up your reports in a way which only shows you information which is useful to your business. Once this is done, we can talk you through using your reports or analyse the data to provide you with actions to improve your marketing performance.

View our template and play around with our demo report


  • Your free template includes
    • Standard template that you can configure
    • User guide
  • Your template and set up includes:
    • Custom template
    • 30m briefing call to understand your needs
    • User guide
    • Set-up
    • Automatically updated
    • Access ant time
    • Sent to you Monthly

Need Google Analytics or Google Search Console Configured?

Don’t waste time struggling to set up reports. Have our smart marketers do it for you. We will make sure your Google Analytics is correctly configured and help you understand the data so you can get the most out of your website and report.

If you’re not sure what to look for in your report, we can help. We can analyse the data and advise you on actions to help you improve your marketing results and achieve your overall business objectives.

Smart marketer Insight:
If you’re struggling to spot opportunities in your report have one of our smart marketers take a look and see if they can spot any. If they can’t, you don’t pay!


The data KG Moore provided with Google Analytics reporting not only provided us with a clear overview of our website performance so far, but gave us insight on where we can go from here

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