Your Free Downloads

Download your free report template and guide below.

Download The User Guide

Download the free user guide to help you understand how to navigate, view and interpret the data in your report.

Access The Report Template

To access your free report template click the button below to open the report.

Once opened you will be able to make a copy of the report. If you’re not able to make a copy, double check you’re singed into your Google Account. After clicking make a copy you will be able to add your own data sources.

How To Access Your Report

  1. Download our User Guide
    We’ve designed a user guide to help you navigate the different pages of your marketing performance report. It will help you understand data, KPI’s and the display options for data, and what they mean. We recommend you review the user guide BEFORE you get started.
  2. Access our FREE Report Template
    The report is configured to show you the most useful data from Google Analytics and Google Search Console to help you gain greater insight into your marketing performance.
  3. Sign into your Google Account.
  4. Make a copy of the report 
    Make a copy of the marketing performance report by clicking the copy button on the upper right-hand side of the page.
  5. Select your Google Analytics Data Source
    After you ‘make a copy’, you will be asked to ‘Select a data source’. Select ‘create new data source’ in the master review dropdown. Select ‘Google Analytics’ and then your website account.
  6. Press connect.
    This will ensure that your report uses and displays your website analytics. You will be shown a page with a series of fields which will be reported on. Clicking ‘Add to report’ selects these fields, and creates this data source in your account.
  7. Select your Google Search Console Data Source
    You will return to the section asking you to ‘Select a data source’. Using the second drop down, select ‘create new data source’ and ‘Search console’. Select your website address.
  8. In the section marked ‘Tables’, choose ‘Site impression’, before clicking ‘Connect’ and ‘Add to Report’.
  9. Finally, click ‘Copy Report’, which will create your customised report displaying your website data.

Your new customisable report will now open in a separate tab. The report is split into two pages. On the first page, you’ll Key Performance Indicators displayed as graphs which display your results on a monthly basis.
On the second page, your KPIs are displayed for the previous month.

Each of the Google Analytics displayed in your report can be further customised using various filters. If you want advice or assistance in setting up filters to further your insight, Book a call.

Are you confident using your Google Data Studio Report?

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