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We can help you develop a marketing budget that supports your business objectives and considers your resources.

Are you spending too much on the wrong things? Are you missing out on areas where you should be investing? We can help you develop an appropriate marketing budget capable of achieving your revenue targets.

In the tough economic times we’re currently experiencing, the marketing budget has gained even greater importance. With many organisations cutting their marketing budgets, how they allocate their resources is being scrutinised in even greater detail. Use our experience to help you create a marketing budget – one that helps you achieve your business objectives while also taking into account the financial resources at your disposal.


  • Marketing cost analysis
  • Cost per lead
  • It eliminates knee-jerk reactions to great advertising deals that provide no return
  • It keeps your marketing activity focused
  • It ensures there is budget is available for planned activities
  • Cost per sale

As marketers, our performance is always measured by leads, opportunities and sales. We can help you get controls in place to make sure that your marketing budget is generating the return you’ll need to show your Managing Director and Financial Director.

By looking at all of this information, together with your current revenue targets, we’ll recommend a budget needed to carry out the level of marketing required to reach your targets. We can use our many years of experience to recommend budgets for Go-To-Market Strategies, Market Entry Strategies and Product Launches. We can also pull together the marketing plan and activity schedule to accompany your budget.

However it’s not enough to take the time to formulate a budget if it’s not reviewed on a regular basis. This is especially important due to the volatile business environment where even the most thorough budget can become obsolete and be in need of updating. It’s also crucial that the agreed budget is not restrictive and still allows you to be responsive to any opportunity that may arise – if the market changes considerably or you need to respond to your competitor’s efforts.


Use the marketing budget review checklist to review your own budget and see where you can improve your return on investment in marketing.

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