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Keep on track


The marketing planning stage is sometimes viewed as a means of holding up activity and is often done half-heartedly. However, taking the time to devise a detailed marketing plan can pay dividends in the long run.

Compiling a clear and thorough marketing plan is a crucial step for any organisation, large or small. We can help you develop a marketing plan to ensure that your marketing efforts are perfectly aligned with your business objectives. Plus, the marketing plan will keep you organised, help set priorities and keep you focused.

How KG Moore Creates a Marketing Plan:

The steps that we offer are aligned with the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s recommended guidelines when creating a marketing plan and are as follows:

  • Discovery and understanding of your business mission and the goals you want to achieve
  • Setting objectives in line with your business goals
  • Conducting a Marketing Audit
  • Deciding on a Marketing Budget
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Determining the promotional mix using the marketing 4 Ps

We also make sure that your plan covers all aspects of your customer journey – from prospect to customer. We’ll make sure we understand your customer buying cycle and develop marketing plans that help create warm leads for your sales team. This will ensure they are spending their time with leads at the right stage in the buying cycle. Our aim is to help you reduce your cost per lead and cost per sale. When you choose KG Moore you’ll receive a detailed marketing budget and marketing activities schedule in addition to the formal marketing plan.

Optional further steps

If you choose to work with us to develop your marketing plan, we recommend that you follow four additional steps:

  • Implementation of the marketing plan
  • Continual refinement, updating and implementation
  • Control and evaluation of your plan
  • Develop a content plan to supplement your marketing plan

Due to the rapidly changing business world, plans can become obsolete very quickly. As such, we recommend that the marketing plan we develop acts as a living document that is reviewed and amended on a monthly basis, driving your marketing forward. We can offer this service and help to keep your marketing on track. At KG Moore it’s not our intention to simply provide you with a marketing plan. Instead, we want to support you on an ongoing basis and help you achieve your overall business goals.


We can help you map out a marketing plan to help you reach your business and growth objectives.