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Marketing Audit

Make marketing deliver more by conducting a marketing audit. A fresh perspective can help to determine if your marketing is supporting your business objectives.

Do you ever watch programmes like Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares,  Hotel Inspector or Mary Queen of the High Street? One thing they have in common is an expert auditing how a business is performing. It’s amazing what they can see. But why aren’t the problems or solutions obvious to the owners?

When you are stuck working in your business, it’s not always easy to spot what an outsider with a fresh perspective can see.

A marketing audit is useful for identifying new marketing strategies through an examination of internal and external factors impacting your marketing. It can also help identify how you can get better results from what you’re already doing.

The marketing audit is a review of your existing marketing activities. It will provide you with the opportunity to review and appraise your whole marketing activity, enabling you to assess past and present performance as well as to provide the basis for evaluating future courses of action. Most importantly, it will help you determine if your marketing budget is being used in the best way. The marketing audit will consider these areas from your own business’s point of view. It will suggest whether any changes will impact your business or affect your competitors, whether the changes will allow you to compete where you couldn’t before, or whether they’ll inhibit your ability to compete.

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As defined by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, external factors impacting your marketing can be split broadly into three groups:

  • Economic environment
    Competitive environment
    Market environment


This is your opportunity to put your own business under the microscope, objectively. Do you know as much about your own situation as you should?

  • Marketing costs and cost per lead
    Marketing information systems’ strengths and limitations
    Effectiveness of your current marketing mix
    Marketing skill sets


Discover if your marketing is supporting your growth objectives. Find your marketing strengths and determine what you could be doing better. Get in touch to talk to us about a marketing audit today.