Gain a fresh perspective with an objective Marketing Audit conducted by an experienced CIM qualified senior marketer.

  • Identify how you can get better results from what you are already doing
  • Uncover opportunities
  • Spot problems (usually lead leakage)
  • Leverage senior marketing expertise for an effective audit
  • Gain a report of recommendations that you can action


A marketing audit is a review of your existing marketing activities. It will provide you with the opportunity to review and appraise your marketing functions objectively and determine how to make your marketing budget deliver greater results. 

When you are stuck working in your business, it’s not always easy to spot what an outsider with a fresh perspective can see. Do you know as much about how your marketing is performing and managed as you should?  Discover if your marketing is supporting your growth objectives and what to do if it is not. Gain a report of recommendations that you can take action on immediately. 

Pricing Options

Start with a free marketing audit. Then, choose from a mIni audit or full paid audit for greater insight. There’s always an option to suit your budget.

  • One hour Marketing Assessment includes:
    • Review objectives
    • Review Lead sources report
    • Review marketing plan
    • Review of Google Analytics
    • Review of Google Ads
    • Review Email Marketing

  • The Full Marketing Audit includes everything from the Mini Audit + :
    • up to 10 Competitors
    • up to 10 Keywords
    • up to 3 Services
    • SEO Technical Audit
    • SEO Keyword & Competitor Audit
    • Content audit
    • Google Ads audit
    • Recommendations Report


A fresh perspective can help identify new opportunities through an examination of internal and external factors that are impacting your marketing performance.



  • The marketing environment – We look at the current social, political and economic factors and how could they affect your marketing.
  • Competitive environment –  We will review your competitors and your positining in the market.


  • Marketing budget  – review of spend for improved ROI
  • Your marketing strategy – We will review the strength of your strategy and how you are positioned to meet your business objectives.
  • Marketing organisation – We will review your marketing processes, resources and management. 
  • Marketing systems – Review of your the MarTech you use and how effective it is and where cost savings could be made.
  • Marketing productivity – is your marketing as cost-effective and as streamlined as possible?
  • Marketing functions – We will review your entire marketing mix and where there may be gaps impacting performance.