Plan for success

Product Launch

A well organised product launch will give your product or service the best chance of success. Launching a new product is expensive and risky. Thousands of products are launched every year, yet only a handful of successful product launches spring to mind.

Very few product launches are as successful as the iPhone 5, but even Apple got it terribly wrong with the launch of Apple Maps. So how do you create a successful product launch? Regardless of where you are in your new product development process, take time to define your objectives and ask the right questions.

Plan for a successful product launch

  • Conduct Market research and analysis to define a product strategy
  • Gain customer insight to ensure your new product satisfies customer needs
  • Develop a compelling value proposition for your new product
  • Create a product development and product management plan
  • Create an effective go-to-market strategy
  • Create a well organised product launch plan
  • Project manage your product launches to ensure you launch on time and on budget

Internal buy-in to the product launch plan

  • Operations need to deliver
  • Billing needs to bill correctly
  • Customer support teams need training and an understanding of how to support new customers
  • Sales employees need to understand what they’re selling and why

We understand all of the factors that need attention in order to give your new product the best chance of success.


If you’re looking to launch a new product or service, get in touch with us and we can help give it the best chance of success.