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7 tips to stay focussed on marketing success

As marketers, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unknowingly compromise marketing success. Our to-do list gets longer, our inbox gets filled with an abundance of email marketing. We can’t help ourselves – we like to see tactics used by our fellow marketers. Coupled with alerts from various platforms, new marketing technology launching on a daily basis, and Google constantly moving the goal posts, it’s no wonder we struggle to keep up with it all.

But do you have to keep up with it all?

I don’t think so. Focus on what is relevant and filter out the noise. That’s how to stay productive. To help, here are 7 simple tips to declutter and stay focussed for marketing success. Your ability to keep focussed will impact your marketing results.

Tip 1: Organise priorities for the next day

First things first. At the end of each day, review your objectives for the next day, and your marketing controls for the day’s marketing activity. What are the critical tasks that will have the biggest impact on results? Identify your most important tasks in advance—before all the pressures of the next day arrive on your desk and in your inbox. Ensure you get these done. We know all hell breaks loose during the day, so don’t let that get in the way of mission critical activity that will impact your monthly results. Block out your calendar for the first few hours of each day to conquer your most challenging task.

Tip 2: Update your marketing project management system

Of course, you have marketing project management in place to track all of your marketing tasks. (If you don’t start now) Review all overdue tasks and reschedule them. Review all tasks for the day and ensure resources are well briefed so they can complete them on time. Make sure you’ve configured your reports so you can quickly see all tasks allocated to each resource, and any issues for delivery if workloads are high.

Tip 3: Evaluate your overdue tasks

If a greater portion of your tasks is overdue, it’s time to assess how much you are trying to complete. Less is more. Clear the clutter and eliminate tasks the will have little impact. Dedicate your attention and focus on what will deliver the greatest results. If everything is important, then it’s time to review your resourcing, if budget allows.

Tip 4: Hold regular communications updates

Keeping everyone in the know will accelerate marketing success. It also enables you to eliminate any distractions your team may have. Resources pull together and achieve more through collaboration. Set a schedule and stick to it. Whether it is weekly or daily, find a routine that works well for your team.

Tip 5: Simplify

It’s easy to get carried away and over complicate things. Don’t. Keep it simple. With marketing automation, it’s easy to get distracted by the tech. Don’t. Use the tech to structure, simple funnels. Don’t make what I call spaghetti, a tangled mess. If it’s simple, it’s easier to manage, and easier for our prospects to understand.

Tip 6: Know what to Keep up with

Is the future is shaped by those who keep up? I think it is shaped by those who identify a need and utilise what is relevant to delivering a solution for that need. That doesn’t necessarily mean keeping up with everything. It’s important to keep learning and to be aware of changes in marketing, yes. Find smarter way to achieve this, saving you time, like subscribing to useful blogs such as Strategic Insights. We will be posting another blog soon with a list of the best marketing websites to follow. 

Tip 7: Reflect on the day’s achievements and your analytics

It can be easy to lose sight of achievements after a long day. Taking just a few moments at the end of the day to review campaign performance and analytics. Use your data. Reflect on and celebrate your marketing success to put things into the proper perspective, giving you encouragement for the coming day. It also helps you overcome the discouragement that often comes with setbacks.

Learning to focus on what will deliver results. Closing yourself off from distractions will have a positive impact on your marketing success. Good luck with these tips. Let us know if they help. If you need any further help with your marketing, get in touch

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