Take a step back and think. Strategize to take a leap forward 

You talk, we’ll listen… and ask a lot of questions! Together we’ll go through a strategic decision making process to help you determine a marketing strategy that will put you on track to create marketing results.

Marketing Strategy Workshop for focus and Direction

During this marketing strategy workshop, Kim Moore will guide you through the marketing strategy development process. Each area will be discussed, decisions will be make, resulting in immediate quick wins as well as a solid framework for your marketing strategy.

This workshop is suited to companies who often expereince “That’s the way we do things around here.” It is also suited to new businesses who are looking to launch a new brand, product or service.

If you are wanting to challenge the way you approach marketing, this workshop is for you. It is ideal for those who are unsure of what to plan and need some strategic direction in order to make decisions, before they can start to map out the quarterly, monthly and daily activity.  Ideally, your key stakeholders will all take part, so everyone is around the table to provide critical input, agree on decisions and form an engaged team, understanding how marketing will help achieve business objectives.

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