Run Engaging Online Events using Zoom Meetings and Webinars

We can help you plan, promote, set up and facilitate your online webinars and meetings using zoom.

Create and Promote Engaging Online Events that everyone will want to book onto

Keep marketing momentum up and build relationships through a series of online meetings and webinar events. Immediately promote the next event off the success of the previous one. As times are changing, so should you.

Creating your Online Events Comms Strategy

Planning will ensure we achieve a clear purpose and objectives, and that we don’t do too many events – or too few.

  • Determine Event Types – Webinars or Meetings
  • A regular schedule for consistency
  • Be useful
  • Provide support
  • Share stories

Creating Engaging Online Events Messaging

We will create messaging for the entire online events experience. Promotional messaging that articulates value in attending our online events, to help drive attendance and follow up messaging that conveys your brand in a positive, supportive light.

  • Promotional email content
  • Social media content
  • Visual elements – graphic design
  • Meeting registration pages
  • Meeting confirmation emails
  • Meeting reminder Emails
  • Meeting Follow up emails

Online Event Setup and Facilitating

This bit of work involves the logistics so you can concentrate on your talk. It is important that these meetings are well run, to grow your brand value (not tarnish it).

  • Setting up the meeting online, on the meeting platform Zoom
  • Recruiting panellists/speakers
  • Supporting speakers/panellists with getting online and feeling comfortable (if necessary)
  • Facilitating the meetings, managing polls, Q&A and slides

Choose the right online Meeting Marketing support service

We’ve priced our services so you can dip your toe with one event, or choose a full programme of consistently scheduled, brand building and relationship building regular events.

One-off Online Event
£447per month
  • Event Set up on Zoom
  • Marketing
  • Facilitating/ hosting

Launch your own online webinars and Meetings

We can help you plan, promote, set up and facilitate your online webinars and meetings using zoom.