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Practical or futuristic? How Marketers are using AI for business growth

AI for marketing is a big topic at the moment. But what does it all mean? We’ve outlined some of the ways AI is already being used in marketing, you just may not have realised it, making it more practical than futuristic.

Here are 5 ways marketers can use AI to their advantage:

1. Content Curation

If you’re putting effort into content creation, make sure you are spending your budget on the right content – what your audience is most interested in and looking for. AI makes this easier by using browsers behaviours, combined with their profile data,  to determine what they are more likely to be interested in.

Many brands are already doing this and Spotify is one of our favourites. Their ability to serve up recommended personalised playlists is unrivalled. It’s clearly not just anything in the playlist – they have a true understanding of a customer’s likes.

2. Data Analysis

AI can help you achieve a more data-driven approach to marketing. I will enable you to improve segmentation and targeting, as well as improving customer experience. This can be done be quickly analysing patterns, something which is difficult to achieve through spreadsheet reporting and analysis.

3. Competitor analysis

AI can be used to monitor competitors, including the keywords they are bidding on as part of their online advertising strategies. You can even analyse ad copy, to help you understand where improvements need to be made to ensure browsers click on your ad, not a competitor’s. Adthena is achieving this with their whole Market View, powered by AI.

4. Product categorisation

If you’ve ever set up or managed and e-commerce shop, you’ll be all too familiar with the challenges of product categorisation. This is partly fuelled by trying to anticipate the language a browser will use when looking for products in your shop.

This is something we experienced when setting up an e-commerce shop with over 13,000 products,  for a PPE supplier.  AI could make tagging products so much easier, enabling shoppers to find their hi-vis, anti-static, flame retardant waistcoat – even when they are looking for a vest with reflective tape.

5. Chatbots

Conversational marketing is evolving – with every conversation. We think it will be a force to be reckoned with. The days of filing in forms on a website is potentially numbered. The challenge is ensuring the chatbot scripts are intelligent enough to carry on the conversation, instead of frustrating the visitor.


With marketing becoming smarter and more data driven, using AI can help you improve your customer experience and help you create a more personalised experienced through your marketing. How to leverage it? We think that it all starts with gaining an understanding of the problem than you want to solve – and then use AI to help you solve it.

We’ll be discussing AI for marketing at the next Colchester Marketing Meetup on 30th September at the Innovation Centre. Bring your questions and have them answered by our event panellists.  Join us. Register now.

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