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Market Research & Customer Insight


The Challenge

ACtronics is a leading European remanufacturer of automotive electronic components. With its HQ in the Netherlands, the company started trading in the UK market in early 2010.

After a year of trading KG Moore was contracted to conduct some competitor and customer research. That project work led to another project, assisting them with growing their market share in the UK – a market very different to the European market.

The Solution

Initial research was conducted to determine the perception of remanufacturing in the UK market.  A clear marketing strategy and marketing plan has been developed, with online marketing tactics playing an important role. A content plan drives much of the marketing, with thought leadership playing an important part, educating the UK market about the benefits of remanufacturing, reshaping perceptions, building confidence with the ultimate objective of driving revenue.

KG Moore continues to work with Actronics supporting them with their social media marketing, to build brand awareness and grow revenue.


Market Penetration

Customer Insight

We researched the market and discovered the concerns they had about remanufacturing, fears we were then able to address.


Clear marketing strategy and plan

Ensured the marketing was executed, as planned and on budget.


Thought Leadership

We created a content plan to enable Thijs Jasink to produce content and position himself as a thought leader, challenging misconceptions in this market.


Online Marketing

Allowed us to quickly build awareness of Actronics in the UK.

Because of her expertise we anticipated great results from the market research and customer insight work Kim undertook for us. We got a good view on where we needed to change or adapt certain procedures within our company. Also it gave us insight of what our customers need and what service they expect from companies like ours. I would recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for a good marketer.

Thijs Jasink

COO, ACtronics UK


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