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Belhus Properties

Marketing Planning

The Challenge

Katy Adams contacted KG Moore for marketing support in early April, a few short weeks before exiting her franchise agreement with a well known Lettings Agency  brand.  It was an exciting and busy time for Katy as time was short to create a new brand identity.

The Solution

Once the name was finalised, KG Moore recommended Frontmedia to develop the new brand identity.  While this was underway, work began on the positioning of the new brand, developing copy and messaging that would differentiate Belhus properties in a very competitive market.

“A lifestyle choice” was created and the new positioning statement for the new property agency, one that takes a refreshing new approach to sales and lettings.  Work continues to launch the new brand, create awareness, build a client base and generate sales.


Brand Management

Creating a value proposition for the new brand helped to develop copy and messages that differentiated the brand from others in the market.


Marketing Planning

Creating a marketing plan helped ensure that all the marketing efforts were assigned with the strategic objectives.


Effective Project Management Skills

KG Moore carefully managed the project to ensure that all marketing was produced to very tight deadlines.

Having seen the results of Kim’s work at Access Accounting I knew that one day when the opportunity arose I would call on her expertise, the day has come and I feel honored to have such a competent and dynamic Marketing Strategist working alongside me.

Katy Adams

Director, Belhus Properties


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