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Adwords Management

The Challenge

Hostcomm already used search engine marketing  tactics including Adwords and Bing PPC. Getting the most from a PPC budget requires knowledge and management experience. KG Moore quickly identified that Hostcomm’s PPC activity could be managed more effectively.

The Solution

KG Moore introduced PPC management to ensure that the performance of the account was constantly improving – clickthrough rates, cost per click quality scores,  ad position and cost per acquisition were key metrics that we were focused on improving.  Blaine Peakall was selected as the Adwords specialist we needed to refine the PPC activity and develop much tighter campaigns. The end goal  was  MORE SALES – to improve Hostcomm’s return on investment in PPC activity.

We immediately started using negative keywords to eliminate wasted spend. We identified poor performing keywords and removed them, enabling us to channel budget into higher performing campaigns.

Better ads, website content and dedicated landing pages were also critical, for improving conversions. We were very busy! A number of landing pages were built to support the various campaigns, with forms integrated with hostcomms CRM system. This meant the sales teams could take action on leads as they landed in the database.

KG Moore introduced monthly PPC performance reporting and a realtime dashboard so that Hostcomm could easily see how each campaign was doing and plan future activity.

We have massively increased CTR, while at the same time brought down the average cost per click. By making our campaign more relevant/optimised we’ve increased our quality score significantly which in turn has given us a higher ad position but at a lower CPC.

Clickthough rates are only one important measure. Critical to Hostcomm was lead generation from adwords and cost per acquisition.   Since taking over management of the PPC activity, leads numbers have doubled.  To help quantify the real improvement  we are seeing, we are also now reporting on cost per acquisition

KG Moore introduced another key resource to further improve performance for Hostcomm.  Kevin Woodberry has been instrumental in supporting Hostcomm with the development of their own inhouse call tracking solution.  We also helped Hostcomm to develop and introduce call tracking technology shows the business where a caller found the Hostcomm phone number – through Google, Facebook, or the website – that prompted him or her to contact the company.



Optomised Campaign

Increased quality score which resulted in a higher ad position but at a lower CPC.


Accurate Reporting

In addition to monthly reports, a realtime dashboard is available for daily monitoring and KG Moore advise reporting on cost per acquisition, in addition to clickthrough rates and call tracking.


Call Tracking

Inhouse call tracking solution allows Hostcomm to see where a caller found the Hostcomm telephone number.

We’ve been able to fine-tune our advertising based on the results of our new reporting functionality. And, since KG Moore helped us refine our AdWords campaign, we believe the number of leads Google Ads generates may have doubled.

Chris Key

Chief Executive Officer, Hostcomm


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