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My Ruby

Customer Insight



The Challenge

My Ruby provides a live telephone answering and receptionist service from its offices in Colchester. The business offers its customers dedicated receptionists who provide a highly-skilled, personalised service. They are experienced in a wide variety of industries and work tirelessly to become an invaluable resource in any business.

To help shape its marketing plan, MyRuby needed to gather customer insight based on what clients value most about the service. They also wanted to measure customer satisfaction levels to benchmark future performance.


The Solution

KG Moore created a survey that would deliver the insight we needed. It also included questions that enabled us to measure client satisfaction.

We issued an email to all clients with a link to an online survey. We acted as a third-party for MyRuby, branding the survey as a KG Moore document to reassure customers that their responses were confidential. It was vital they were absolutely honest in their responses. As an incentive to complete the survey, we entered all participants into a prize draw to win a case of wine. It was a timely prize – right before Christmas – and prompted an effective response rate.

The survey’s seven questions included one that asked customers about their willingness to recommend MyRuby in future. Their responses to this question enabled us to calculate MyRuby’s net promoter score (NPS) which is used to benchmark customer satisfaction. We will calculate this score each year with a new NPS survey.

We documented the results of the survey and issued these results to clients via email. The email also contained a report that describes the actions MyRuby plans to take and its commitments to improving the customer experience.

The results of the customer survey have provided some valuable information that has enabled MyRuby to gauge client satisfaction levels. It also helped to identify aspects of the service that matter the most to MyRuby’s client base.


Survey Success


Ensuring a good response

Ensuring confidentiality and offering an incentive for completing the survey, resulted in a good response rate and honest feedback.

NPS Score

Used to benchmark customer satisfaction now and in the future.

Feedback plans for improvement

Results of the survey were feedback to My Ruby clients, along with document detailing plans to improve customer experience in the future.

The survey gave us valuable insight into what our customers think of MyRuby. It reinforced our views about the quality of our service, but also identified some areas where our communication with clients could improve. For example, some clients wanted services that they didn’t know we offered. We can share our Net Promoter Score with prospects, which lends credibility to our claims that we deliver exceptional service.

Andy Perillo

Director, MyRuby


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